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David Bowen began photographing before his 10th birthday after being given a point-and-shoot camera for christmas. In 1984 at the age of 12 or 13 he began using a Zenit Em SLR camera, purchased for his brother to use in his hobby of airplane spotting and soon discarded.

He began printing in his parents loft during his mid teens after purchasing a well used and basic darkroom set second-hand for £10. Photographing his surroundings, school holidays and friends provided material with which to practice printing. He left school in 1991 aged 18 and traveled to Tibetan India in order to teach English at a small, remote refugee settlement and monastery in the Himalayas. Armed with the Zenit and a Nikon, given on his 18th birthday, he began to explore the humanist themes in photography which first drew him to the medium. While traveling through the sub-continent as a teenager he lived through serious illness, curfew, civil unrest and even an earthquake which took more than 5000 lives.

More visits to the village and India followed until his last in 1997 when, aged 24, he graduated with a Ba Honors degree in photography. Within a year the Tibetan work formed his first solo show, held in Bloomsbury London. The exhibition charted the westernization and growing permanence of the settlement over the 6 year period from 1991 to 1997, as well as illustrating the life of Tibetan people in exile. David made 5 visits totalling one and a half years living with the villagers, documenting pilgrimages, New Year celebrations and daily routines. A significant and unique body of work was produced. The show gained high praise from the photographic media as well as heavy sponsorship from Kodak Eastman, who subsequently requested a selection of prints for the private Eastman archive, Kentmere and other specialist exhibition suppliers.

Towards the end of the 90's whilst living in a flat below musicians and DJ's, David was encouraged by Nottingham's free-party collective D.I.Y. to become involved with the music press. He quickly began to gain international commissions for festival and gig work from a pool of high end magazines published in the U.K. and America. With portrait commissions also being undertaken he swapped the darkroom and traditional techniques for photoshop and began exploring the digital world. This work was supplemented by food and commercial photography from his studio base.

After ten years of music work, (with around 60 international and many hundreds of U.K. commissions undertaken), David, now 35, emigrated to Norway. He is currently digitally archiving his collection, planning new projects, working on book ideas and hopes to begin a research MA late in 2008.

He also enjoys feeding squirrels.

published by

Vogue - The Guardian - Daily Mail - The Independent - The Times - Time Out - Lonely Planet - The British Journal of Photography - The Wire - The Big Issue - Jockey Slut - Sleazenation - XLR8R (usa) - Urb (usa) - Dj magazine - I-DJ - Knowledge - Mixmag - Clash - The Metro newspaper - M8 - Blowback - 69 - Groove Attack (ger) - Prinz (ger) - Slam (Holland) - Echos - Ministry - Muzik - Seven - Select - Sky - Club On - BBmag (Eire) - Venus (Spain).

some noteworthy music festivals

sonar barcelona - celtronic ireland - garden festival croatia - exit festival serbia - SEEME bulgaria - glade - bang miami - big chill u.k. - bestival u.k. - glastonbury u.k. - s.a.m.c. argentina - tribal gathering - extrema holland - a.d.e. holland - house tourhort belgium - triptych scotland - dedbeats u.k. - encompass london - essential london - global gathering - creamfields - copenhagen jazz fest - koneisto finland - sundance estonia - nature one germany - isea, - airwaves iceland - maijazz norway

Personal & Commissioned exhibitions

2008 - 'Festival', Derry Ireland, 4 yrs of "DFF" music events which helped heal this now recovered and beautiful city
1999 & 02 – The Lace Market Hotel, Nottingham, bespoke room artwork and publicity images
1997 & 02 – 'Manduwala' spanning 6 years in the life of the Tibetan village in N. India. (London & Notts)
2001 – 'Club Class', some darker photos of peripheral activity at Europe's music festivals (djanogly arts center)
1999 – Landscape work from visits to N. Wales auctioned off at Nottingham castle
1997 & 99 – Bespoke artwork for Pierre Victoire restaurants in Notts, Sterling, York, Cambridge and Derby

Recent commissions involving substantial travel / stock pictures

2007 – ireland, croatia (x2), serbia, norway
2006 – Scotland (x2), Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway, Ireland (x2), Barcelona, Amsterdam
2005 – Spain, Norway, Miami, Ireland, ibiza and Rome
2004 – Portugal, Barcelona (x2), Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Argentina
2003 – Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Estonia, Canada, Spain, Ireland.
2002 – San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Ireland (x2), Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy, Barcelona.
2001 – Barcelona, Ireland
2000 – Frankfurt, Barcelona (x2), Amsterdam

Independent projects / stock pictures

1991 / 92 / 93 / 96 / 97 – India, Nepal, Tibetan India
1992 – France, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Hungry, Slovakia, cesk rep.
1989 – U.S.A from Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach

in ibiza 2005