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ADE amsterdam
numusic - stavanger, norway
celtronic - derry, ireland
sonar - barcelona, spain
2020 soundsystem - edin / glasgow, scotland
Garden festival, croatia
Seeme - sofia, bulgaria
Triptych - glasgow, scotland

Warp album artwork
double d artwork

garden festival on

lightstalkers account

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2020 recordings make very good house music
shlomo a beatboxer and south bank resident. he has an orchestra of mouths.
soil n pimp sounds dirty? click it..
warp records electronic organization of notes into rhythmic formats
cinematic orchestra ... tasty.
juana molina used to be a comedian on t.v. and everything.
xploding plastix - crazy spelling, crazy drummer.
B. Fleischmann or not b. fleischmann, that is the question.
Thomas dybdahl wears a beard of finest cashmere wool, they say.
bent are not.

Bjorn Torske
wasn't in abba
burial aren't for children.
john mclaughlin is a legend.
jaga jazzist ... nice.
myhouse-yourhouse internet radio is the future.
resonance fm agree with the above
accidental records look after mara carlyle and other good stuff
disco and bulgaria - a classic combination
the sonic academy is a superb resource for producers and dj's


rob white illustrator, web designer, funny man
nick chaffe
makes good drawings, stickers and the like
jon burgerman has a 'webshite'
skip intro have fun with all kinds of art forms
fat pie is just plain wrong in places

writers / photographers

ciara leeming is an excellent writer and investigative journalist
dan davies co-founded blowback magazine and here are his collective rants.
paul sullivan has written good books and is a photographer. he cooks too.
simon morrison writes beautifully crafted dispatches from the wrong side
nish 'al' lord looks like an egg, writes like a ninja.


leftlion are in nottingham where i once lived
DJ is a u.k. music magazine
I-DJ is also a u.k. music magazine
XLR8R xlr8's music and culture in america
Urb is also an american music magazine
the wire is good if you understand long words.. if not they have videos
knowledge go moist for drum and bass music in london

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