'Parkour', Nottingham (uk) 2004
Parkour is 'free-running' in urban environments and first emerged in southern france during the 1990's. Now sponsored world-wide by sports brands and corporations, 'Sticky' from Nottingham is one of the UK's best practitioners. More on parkour here.
'Atlantic Wall', Norway 2008
Stretching 4,500km (from Norway to the French coast), the wall was built between 1942 and '44 by thousands of slave laborers. It's remains are a monument to hatred & megalomania and also a memorial to those who worked and died there.

'Halle' Orchestra' - at the Royal Theatre 2003

preparing for a concert - coming soon

'Oh, Yes it Is..' - the British Pantomime 2002

shot over 3 months backstage - coming soon


'Tso Pema ' - Tibetan pilgrimage, 1991

12 yearly event, N. India - coming soon

more to follow...